my newest product line!

i am so excited to introduce my new line of soldered quilt pendants. if you've visited my shop, you've seen my yarn pendants, which are glass slides with colorful strands of yarn arranged and captured underneath:

my new pieces are made from scraps of vintage fabrics, which i hand-pieced, stitched, and embroidered. each one is completely unique. tiny little art quilts to wear on your neck.

so far i've made four of them and soldered and photographed two. here are those first two, which will be for sale in my etsy shop this week:

quilt pendant #2.

i love the delicacy and intricacy of seeing the texture of the fabric and stitching close up, and the depth of the thicker glass that makes the piece seem like a little glass curio case. can't wait to make some more of these little pieces of art!


  1. These really are beautiful! What a creative idea!

  2. That is a neat idea. It gives the fabric more textured look.

  3. OOoooOOO!! I really like it! They look great!! I especially like the quilt pendant 1.

  4. These are so unique and beautiful! Great idea!

    I'm not much of a jewelry person but I have been getting into pendants on long chains recently and I think they are an easy and fun way to add a little punch to your outfit :)

  5. They are gorgeous! Tiny pieces of art; very unique and feminine :)