trying to connect.

i've been considering blogging for a long time, and have had the average reservations about it (will anyone read it? will i know what to write about? will i end up doing nothing in my life but writing to the outside world?) and decided that, among other things, i need more productive me-time, and i think this blog will encourage me to schedule some of that for myself. i'm a preschool teacher and i have an etsy shop for my jewelry creations, both of which have eaten up so much of my brain for the last year that recently, when asked what i like to do i my spare time, i couldn't think of a thing. so here's the beginning: a documentation of what-i-do-in-my-spare-time and aiming to make time for wonderful things to fill it with.

for my inaugural blog post, i thought i'd show off today's project, the first thing i've made for myself in a while. i volunteered for the first time this morning with living art of montana in one of their 'creativity for life' workshops, a series of free craft workshops for people facing illness or loss. the workshop was run by a friend / mother of one of my students, and we made mobiles. here's mine, hung on my kitchen wall:

i'm quite in love with it. various found objects, beads, a stick found while walking by the clark fork river, some fishing line and yarn for hanging.

everyone's piece came out different and beautiful. i might do a series.

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  1. I know how you feel about starting a blog. I was very hesitant about it at first because I wasn't sure whether I should include details of my personal life or not. But you'll find it's very therapeutic. It's an excellent way to give yourself "me" time. Love your mobile by the way! :D