pear and sage.

for this week, a beautiful trio of items in pear and sage: three etsy artists with gorgeous uses of fabric and paper.

1. prickly pear stud earrings. (DancingJellybean)

cute little stud earrings made from polymer clay and covered with yellow-green origami paper. just under 1/2" wide, with silver plated earring findings. i'm so attracted to little stud earrings on etsy lately, even though i don't ever wear or even own any studs. (maybe a future feature? hm...)

2. embroidered silk lily pad hair clip. (TheFaerieMarket)
lots of handmade organza flower hair clips on etsy, but i've never seen a lily pad before. 3" wide, made from olive green silk with teal embroidery done freehand with a sewing machine - 'drawing' with the machine.

3. hand embroidered linen coasters. (BobbiLewin)

i just think these are so beautiful and perfect. i love anything in linen, and these are done so meticulously, yet they look handmade in that one of a kind way. these little bees are embroidered by hand! hey bobbilewin, you should do pillows. pincushions...

p.s. just found out today that i will have a booth at missoula's MADEfair craft show at the end of june. SO excited, this will be my first craft fair. anybody in the MT area going to be there too?


  1. Thank you for sharing my coasters:) You know, I have been thinking about doing pillows, sachets, pincushions, and things. I'd better get after it;)

  2. Oh, lovely, thanks so much for the unexpected feature! I have a bunch of other leaves queued up to sew too- grape leaves, oak, fig, and more...

    The bee coasters are quite amazing!