look what i found - a story in blue and grey.

my allergies are really, really getting to me - this is the first full summer i've spent in montana and it seems a shame to be cooped up inside with all the sun and breeze. so in trying to spend my time inside productively, i'm spending a lot of time poking around etsy for new artists to feature.

today i have three talented shops to show off:

1. untitled card in blue and grey, Melodyeve.

a shop offering handsewn and hand embroidered cards. i love the rough edges and slightly uneven stitching, with such a pretty and unusual combination of fabrics. this would be a perfect card for somebody who sews or quilts.

2. the quilter in pea green, marysgranddaughter.

i love everything in this embroidery shop, but the details in 'the quilter' make this my favorite piece. a vintage porcelain doll arm on a background of antique linen. she's holding her own threaded needle and a tiny authentic printed quilt. i'm just in love. love!
(read more about marysgranddaughter's materials and process on her blog.)

3. triple tiered felt tear drop earrings, sunflowerexpress.

i've seen a bunch of felt pendants recently, but not many felt earrings - certainly not many as classy as these. hand-embroidered with silvery blue thread and hanging from sterling earwires. sunflowerexpress also offers pendants, bracelet cuffs, and hair clips done in felt.

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