missoula madefair.

i wanted to share photos of the setup i built for my first ever craft show. last sunday was missoula MADEfair, a show of about 65 handmade artists from western montana and surrounding areas. it was a gorgeous day in caras park and we saw a lot of foot traffic.

here's me, setting up my table in the morning.

i made two super amazing thrift store finds into the main parts of my setup: first, an old picnic basket, which i secured to a crate underneath it so it would stand up with the top hanging down. i attached strips of balsa wood to make little shelves for my pendants to line up on. then i wired dowels across the open space above for hanging earrings. it was just a tiny bit rickety - i think i will try to find a more secure way to attach the dowels for next time.

my other amazing find was this vintage wine rack in the shape of a bicycle that you can see on the right. it had this beautiful distressed green paint on it and was perfect for gluing little s-hooks to for more hanging display space. i hung my larger earrings and a couple necklaces on this.

kerry made my beautiful sign, hand-painted with a lovely handstitched fabric tree. also the cute little price sign holders, made out of river sticks with slits sawed across them for holding the cards. she was super helpful and i really think the sign pulled the whole display together nicely.

p.s. i was set up right next to SaltyandSweet, an etsy artist who makes these great laser-cut mobiles - some kid-centered but also some fantastic ones geared more toward adults. go check them out!


  1. what a nice set up! Love craft fairs!

  2. wow! you're a professional!

  3. Your picnic basket display case looks awesome!! Creative idea.