heirloom paper art.

the theme for this week is decoupage: the art of using glue, paper and varnish to surface an object. according to wikipedia, decoupage is sometimes referred to as the 'poor man's art' because it can be done using scrap you might have around the house. this is generally done on furniture or boxes, but i found some unique uses of this victorian paper art technique to share:

1. place card stones, StonesbySarah.

an eco-friendly replacement for the usual printed paper placecards for a wedding reception or a party. decoupaged with recycled paper and sealed carefully. a beautiful natural addition to your table, one of these would be a pretty keepsake later on for your desk at work or at home.

2. adjustable sewing pattern button ring, natuure.
a perfect antique button decoupaged with vintage sewing pattern paper, so thin you can see right through to the button surface in places. unfortunately this amazing shop only has four items listed for sale right now, but a click through natuure's 'sold' pages shows some really beautiful jewelry and decorations, and i'll definitely be checking back in with them soon to look for new items.

3. medicinal herb chromolithograph necklace, PegandAwl.

i love botanical themed jewelry, and this piece is rustic and lovely and just a little bit different from all those paper / scrabble tile pendants out there. this necklace was made of illustrations from a 1905 german medical book. PegandAwl makes most of their pieces from 'olde growth pine joists and beams from 19th century houses' in the philadelphia area. (which i think is just too neat.) their work is varied and creative and really has the feel of a true heirloom collection.


  1. It's so good to see some decoupage; there's not enough of it around lately. Great stuff.

  2. Thank You So much for adding my place card stones to your blog...it is always nice to be recognized! Thanks! :o)

  3. Those decoupaged buttons are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely marking that shop for further shopping!