my blog isn't dead, it was just napping.

my first craft show is coming up in about a week - i'll have a teeny booth at missoula's summer MADEfair next sunday. to get ready, i've been hard at work making lots of new yarn and quilt pendants to show off. i'll be setting up with my beaded pieces too, but my pendants are my unique item - and so much cooler in person than in a photo, i think.

kerry took some photos of my process so i could share a little about what goes into my soldered pendants. for the yarn pendants, yarn scraps get glued carefully to a piece of heavy paper.

i was really excited to try out two new smaller sizes with this batch - little 1" square pendants and medium sized 1.5" long ones.

the quilt pendants start with one or two base pieces, and i hand-embroider the surface, either along with or apart from the design on the fabric, a little randomly until it looks finished. i love how they can come out so different from each other with the same basic techniques.

i would love to learn some new stitches sometime soon.

the most exciting part of this batch was that i figured out how to streamline them a little - instead of sandwiching two pieces of glass, the fabric or yarn is pressed between a piece of a glass and a thin copper plate. this way, they're thinner, a little lighter, and i love mixed metal looks in jewelry.

i got 20 new pendants made this weekend, so i'll have about 50 total to show at MADEfair. anybody in the area that's going to be there too?

p.s. i was featured on a cute blog this week, dzfantasy's fiber art blog. go check her out!


  1. These are beautiful! Good luck at your craft fair!

  2. These are gorgeous - love the process photographs too =)

  3. funny glasses!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your process - I have always loved these pendants!

  5. I love ur ideas and creativity